Talha Chowdhury

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Hi 👋 I'm Talha, an AI Product Manager Building Qweek.ai

I like to build things and solve problems that make tangible impact.
A pet project I’m working on to give back to the community ⚡ 

About me

Currently studying at Bennington College. I’m a Product Enthusiast who codes occasionally & reads avidly. I would be at my best if, someday, I get to create/lead a product that influences millions across the globe.
« A man's true wealth is the good he does in this world. » Muhammad (SAW).

What I do

Product Management
I mix tech, design, and business to manage products and solve user problems. From discovery to delivery, I try my best to deliver the product clients need.
I like to launch small MVPs with few or no tech to test an idea and iterate. It's easy to know why a product didn't succeed. It's way more difficult to know why it worked.
I like to build all types of things with my hands, from cross-platform mobile applications to web applications.
Technical Writing
I love breaking down complex topics and explaining it in simpler terms. The amount of impact the “rightly put” words can have on people drives me to pursue writing.


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