Tips for Speak about a picture for 3 minutes

  • Take a pause of 15-20 seconds and think of the adjectives and everything that comes to your mind
  • It isn't necessary to speak for the entire 3 minutes if you're satisfied with your response.
  • The focus of this image is a beautiful and relaxing sunset
  • I heard this time of the day is called the golden hour
  • Plants
  • I can see shadows of trees in the background
  • The plants look very healthy
  • Very rich green color
  • The sky is deep blue
  • Maybe it's a path for bicycles or walking path
  • I think it would be a great place to live
  • In the background, there are a plethora of green leaves that always render fresh oxygen into the atmosphere
  • They're in jubilant mood
  • The remote is packed (filled) with